Every other time you throw away food it is money gone to the drain. You should find a way to save on food and money by reducing food wastage. Have a daily look at what goes into your waste bin. There is so much food in there that you could save on for another day if you had a plan. Remember, someone went without food. So how do you bring down the amount of food waste in your home? Here are 5 food saving tips at home that you will find useful:

Use your leftovers6ujyrhzngy5g

Do not think of throwing away you dinner leftovers. They can be used for your breakfast the following morning. You can even pack and carry them for your lunch at your workplace. Find a way to preserve them for tomorrow and you will be sorted for the next meal.

Your fridge can be a savior

Keeping perishable foods in your fridge will cut down food waste in your home. Most foods need low temperatures to remain fresh, and that is where your fridge comes in. At 1-5̊ Celsius, you will preserve your food for long.

Cook only what you need in a single meal

Sometimes you come home so hungry that you think you are going to eat a lot only to take a few bites and you are done. It is advisable that you cook food that you know will not fall over to the next day. If you are a few family members, know what each one can take at a single meal and prepare food just enough for everyone. Not many people like leftovers and they will end up thrown into the waste bins.

Check your surplus before you shop

Before you shop for food, check your surplus to know what you need to add and what you don’t. It helps you not to pile too much of certain foods only to be thrown away as waste. Buy food in small quantities since you can always go for more once the stock is over.

Shop with meals in your mind

You know what your family likes to eat most. These are foods that should make a larger portion of your shopping. Buying foods that no one ever touches increases food wastage. You will cook, but no one will eat as much as they do with their favorite meals. The rest will go to waste, and this is money you should have saved.