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How to Keep Your Garden Tidy During Fall

Do you live in an area that has a lot of trees or do you have trees in your garden? If so you are in for the yearly ritual of cleaning leaves from your yard. Since summer has officially come to its end, you will soon see the leaves falling and then its time to take out your old leaf blower or buy a new one if you do not have one.

How to select a good leaf blowerleaf blower

There are many different models available on the market these days, and therefore, you will have to do some detailed research before you make your decision. You can do some searching online and read some backpack leaf blower reviews so that you will know which one will suit you best. Let us take a look at the main features that you must look at when selecting one.

The Airpower

When you want to get rid of leaves quickly and with ease, the power of the unit takes precedence. Some models on the market will have very low wind speeds of around 150mph which will not be able to tackle tough jobs. If you have many trees in your area, you may find that your garden will overflow with the foliage and then you need a blower that can handle the job.


There are some models that are handled, and they are rather difficult to maneuver, and your wrist can start to hurt after a while. If you want one that will be easy to use, the backpack models are your best option. They will allow you to keep your center of gravity, and your hands will be free to operate the pipe and move it around. Some models come with a flexible pipe which you can use to clean hard to reach areas.


men as leaf blowerThe weight of a unit is important if you have problems with your back or wrist. You will find some high-end models that are rather light and powerful and will be easy carry.

Some of them can be used for up to two hours on a single tank of gasoline.


The cost of a new unit can vary depending on the power, and quality of build, Many known brands will last you longer than those that are not popular so consider this when making your choice.


with fall approaching fast, get yourself a leaf blower and you can keep your yard clean and tidy good right up until winter.


How To Get The Right Seed For A Healthy Lawn

It is advisable to grow your lawn from grass seed. This is because it is an affordable option for small lawns. The success of your yard is dependent choosing the best grass seed. There several varieties of grass seeds on the market. Therefore, you need to carry out extensive research and get the right options.

The majority of homeowners buy grass seed that is based on cost and a known brand. You should never assume thatLawn all the seed varieties are equal. Therefore, you need to purchase from breeders that know how to create superior grass seed. You need a grass that has deep green color, excellent disease resistance, withstands heavy traffic, and good tolerance to drought conditions. There are several varieties introduced into the market annually.

Factors to consider


When choosing turfgrass, you ought to know the right species you need, which best fits the site use, climate, and your desired maintenance level. This is very important if you are starting a new lawn or just renovating an existing one. There are newer varieties that are improved. Always choose a top grass seed variety that meets your requirements.

Grass seed ratings

Nowadays, it is very easy to determine the grass seed varieties that are the best. Some independent organizations test and evaluate every variety of grass seed annually. Whatever they use is their secret. These professionals then use the best brands to create great lawns, playing fields, and golf courses that people admire.

Usually, grass seed ratings are based on color, insect resistance, drought resistance, and disease resistance. Moreover, you find the species that are ranked the highest depending on location.

Local factors

It is important to note that the choice of grass seed is dependent on several factors such as:

  • Growing conditions such as shady or sunny
  • Geographical location
  • Species that are better as compared to others
  • Different varieties you need to consider . There are some that are better suited to certain conditions and environment.

Species versus variety

Species refers to a particular type of grass such as Perennial Ryegrass. On the other hand, variety refers to the species type, for example, Charismatic.

Mixtures versus blends

A mixture comprises a broad range of grass seed. Usually, it long Lawncontains a single variety of species. A blend comprises of a single species with several varieties.


You should note that the weeds you that grow in your lawn may have come with the grass seed. Always go for blends and mixtures that are 99% weed free.