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The Importance of Concrete Sealants in Homes

Concrete sealants are applied on concrete surfaces to block pores and cracks and prevent water, molds, and salt to sip in. It provides an impermeable layer to protect the concrete from damage, wear and tear, and discolorations.

The application of sealants on concrete structures such as pavements, floorings, driveways, concrete roofing and walls of homes has proven to have many benefits, and one of them is prolonging the lifespan of a concrete structure. You do not need to hire a professional to apply it on any surface you want to be protected with sealants. It can be a DIY procedure as long as you read and follow instructions labels of sealant brands.

Here are some of the other top reasons why concrete sealants are a must in concrete residential houses and any concrete structure.

Prevents Water and Salt Seepage


Concrete can have pores and holes on it, which can result from the ratio of raw material used. Porous concrete is usually caused by a lower proportion of cement to other materials such as gravel and sand, and water. Cement fills in the gaps between the solid materials and acts as the adhesive of the whole mixture.

The porosity of concrete can also be caused during the processes of mixing, maturing, and hardening of the concrete. When concrete is very porous, water, salt, and even molds can sip in, which will damage the concrete over time.

Provides Protection

When the concrete is located outdoors, it is exposed to elements such as torrential downpour and sweltering conditions during summer. These can be causes that can lead to the deterioration of a concrete structure like pavements and driveways.

Because a sealant provides an impermeable covering, it prevents direct contact with harmful elements. An example is that rain will not be washing off the cement from the outer part of the concrete during a downpour. It will also prevent drying of the topmost part during scorching summer days.

Sealants can indeed make concretes more durable and can extend its useful life.

Enhances the Appearance of Concrete Structures

Concrete sealants can make concretes look sleek and more attractive. It can add sophistication to your house when you apply it on your driveways, balcony floorings, and in the interiors. With sealants, your flooring and pavements will be easier to maintain because stains and discolorations can be removed more flooring

Increases the Market Value of Your Home

Sealants do not only enhance the aesthetic value of your home, but it also adds to its market value. Because it is common knowledge that concrete sealants protect and prevent any damage to your concrete house, any buyer would prefer houses that do not compromise safety and protection. Indeed, applying a concrete sealant on your home can help you command a higher price for your house when you decide to put your house on auction.