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Carpet Cleaning And Strip And Wax Floor Cleaning

Innovations can be found in every sector of society: everything from exercise equipment, baby strollers, automobiles, television and media, and computer technology has kept changing, providing ease and convenience. In labor and custodial work, push brooms and mops are made from better, improved materials that not only benefit custodians but also add to the efficiency such as the time needed to complete work. Bomar Commercial Cleaning Inc. offers carpet cleaning and wax floor cleaning among other services. And cleaning machines and cleaning technology have also improved.

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vacuumWe are largely unaware of the work performed by janitors and custodians in office buildings, hotels, large municipal structures, hotels, restaurants, museums, and airports. We only notice when they are not in their usual near-immaculate clean condition. To get these structures and dwellings in tip-top shape requires hard work and the right kind of equipment to get the job done.

Office floors

Office floors are mostly carpeted, except for lobbies and entrances. The technology behind carpet cleaning has improved, and many products on the market strive to make carpets as clean and germ-free as possible. And there are many carpet cleaning services which have been in business that have fine-tuned their approach to commercial and industrial cleaning, such as Stanley Steemer, founded in 1947. Carpet cleaning, especially in soiled industrial areas, involves the use of chemicals designed to remove oils, debris and ground-in dirt and deep clean high-traffic areas. After the carpet has been cleaned, pads that can be walked on are placed on carpeting until it is dry. They achieve cleaning using hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning. The dirt and debris are vacuumed into a portable steam cleaner used by custodians.


Wax Floor CleaningFloors without carpeting that have faded over time due to foot traffic as well as sticky gum residue are stripped and waxed. Wax provides a coat over the floor, and a floor that has been waxed has a new, shiny look that is appealing and lends a classy touch to homes and business entrances, as well as museums and public buildings. Stripping and waxing are done after residue has been removed from the floor, and it has been cleaned with mop and bucket. When it is ready, the old wax is stripped off the floor. Then, it is ready to be re-waxed. At the completion of this three-step process, the clean and glowing shine of the floor returns, and it appears in as-new condition.


There is great competition in the cleaning industry, so the fierce competition that exists guarantees efficiency as cleaning services survive based on customer satisfaction.