A Perfect Place For You In Toronto

Are you interested in buying a condo unit in Toronto? If you are, then you are on the right page. This article will give you an idea of a perfect condo unit for you in Toronto, Canada that will be made available very soon. You might have heard about the crisis that the Toronto condo market faced a few years ago. But, you no longer have to worry about this because the condo market in this area is already back on track and it continues to regain its strength as the economy has started to bounce back.

New Condominiums in Yonge

At the beginning of this year, builders have gone back to their feet condo buildingbuilding new condo units as the demand for residence has heightened up. In fact, those units were already sold. The people are back in buying and selling of condo units again. Hence, it shows that the Toronto market has recovered, and more condo units are yet to come. One of the projects that will be available very soon is the tower at 1 Yonge.

1 Yonge Project

The Toronto Star has sold off part of its land to Pinnacle International, who is planning to build five to six towers. These structures are projected to be the highest towers in Canada. One of these towers will be situated at 1 Yonge Street while another one will be at 7 Yonge. The other buildings will be in different locations. The new project along Yonge Street is estimated to be about six million square feet wide that will provide abundant space for accommodation to those who are interested in buying condo units. Three stories will also be allotted for retail shops.

Future Condo Units at 1 Yonge Street

The tower that will rise at 1 Yonge Street will have about 4,100 condo units. So, you will able to choose one according to your needs. They will have a studio type unit for a single person or a couple. You may also opt for a 1 bedroom unit or even 2-3 bedrooms if you have family members that will stay with you.

What to expect?

street boardThe architect of the said project is planning to have the tower with modern designs that will provide the residents with luxurious living. They will also get to enjoy a community where they could shop and dine. Entertainment areas will be available too. The corridors and lobbies will have wide space, and a seating area will be provided for those who want to enjoy the view.